We aim to excel at human development and solve communication challenges through creative key solutions and so assist in lifelong learning to help build a self sustaining prosperous work force.


i-Line Films boasts a tremendously successful and proven skills training program.. Students work close to the production team on all aspects of a production from concept to finish.
Our mission is to make our students employable or self sustainable entrepreneurs at the end of their training.

Training starts with a 1 year quality photographic course before the students are immersed into the deep video pool as they are trained to shoot, edit and direct videos over a 2 year period. There is a course fee applicable and is payable per month.

x14Our track record speaks for itself:
• Initial Skills Transfer started in 2002 when our first students, our first 3 Gauteng students were introduced to the world of video. Lebogang and Patricia were our first students from outside the Pretoria Area and from the North West province. Special accommodation arrangements were set in to place and they completed a dynamic 5 Year training program in 2010. They are employed by the RBN.

We boast a dozen students who went on to start their own enterprises and are being employed on a regular basis as freelance professionals.

The SANDF technical crews at COLET video have also received i-Line’s production skills training from 2012 -2013. We continue to award opportunities to several students who need to do a internship at a local enterprise.


Our training manuals include:

• Photography course
• Videography Course
• Video Directing
• How to start your Business
• How to grow your Business
• Marketing & Selling
• Creativity in Video Production


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